Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I went to see Dr. Sherri yesterday...

And I'm still a big and healthy kid. She said I'm big for my age but I'm growing like I should. It must be all that milk and applesauce. I also got two shots... I didn't like those. They gave a Hello Kitty band-aid... but still, it hurt.
Even though I'm a big kid, I've noticed that all of you are still pretty tall. Do people ever stop growing? Will I ever catch up to you? I've also noticed there are other kids around too. Some are really little. Like, itty-bitty tiny.

When we went to the mall to go shopping over the weekend, Mommy and Daddy let me walk around (as long as I held Daddy's hand.) It was awesome! That stroller is SO yesterday...
But I noticed my sandals were a little tight... I think I need to go shoe shopping again. Do they make flip-flops in my size? I kinda have big feet.

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