Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm a little under the weather...

I have what Mommy and I call the "Sneezles". The Sneezles sometimes come around when I'm near grass, or when I'm running around outside. But right now, I'm getting the Sneezles a lot. So is Daddy. I think it's funny when I have a Sneezle attack, but Mommy wasn't so thrilled this morning. The Sneezle is now a full on explosion!!! I had a snot torpedo shoot out of my nose this morning when we were trying to get in the car. Mommy yelled a naughty word, and realized she didn't have a tissue. I gotta say... it was kinda cool to see so much stuff come flying out of my nose at once. That doesn't happen every day.

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  1. Hi Sadie. You aren't the only one launching projectiles from your nose. I'm 7 and still find it amusing. My mom always packs those individual-size Snoopy tissues in my bag but I'd rather watch my snot fly through the air. There's something else that's great fun, especially when in public. Burping loudly. It's pretty easy to learn too. Maybe I can show you one day. I think it'll be even cooler for a girl....Jaden Coulthurst


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