Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've been testing boundaries lately....

This is what I have learned so far...

1. I can stand on the floor, but I can't stand on the coffee table (after I climb up onto it.)

2. I can play with my books, but not with Mommy's and definitely not with Daddy's. Pulling them off the shelf is not a game (but I think it is fun.)

3. I can scream as much as I want to, but it doesn't mean they will respond (but Mommy gives in about 3.7 minutes faster than Daddy... she's my main target when I really want somethin'.)

4. Screaming until I throw up is not good for anyone. I get messy, and the parentals get frustrated. But when I do this, I always make sure that it doesn't land on Owl, Dolly, or Miss Ladybug.

5. I shouldn't lift my shirt up in public even if I want to show off my bellybutton. But no one has really stopped me either, so this one is optional.

6. Smiling always helps me get what I want. This works for the parentals, Nana, and Grandma. But Poppy is a sucker for it every time. I think I might ask him for a pony.


  1. Your blog is darling! Life through the eyes of a child - so refreshing. I'm a fellow SITS-ta and love the comments love! Thanks for stopping by my blog recently! I'll come back to visit!


  2. Such a cute post! I'm loving your blog.


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