Saturday, December 6, 2008

At this very moment....

I was born on a Tuesday.
My star sign is Aries.
My birthstone is Aquamarine.
The season was Spring.
I was born in the Chinese year of the Pig.
The US President was George W. Bush (Republican).
The UK Prime Minister was Tony Blair (Labour).
I am 1 year 8 months 11 days old.
It is 110 days until my next birthday.
In dog years I am 7 years old.
I am 621 days old.
I am approximately 14,906 hours old.
I am approximately 53,660,824 seconds old.

I found this on a cool website... click here to find out your info...

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  1. Hmmm, a lot of this sounds familiar! Then, I guess it's about 111 (or now 110) days until my birthday...


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