Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Note from Sadie....

If you don't hear from us for a bit, it's 'cause we are sick. I went to Dr. Sherri and she said I had a virus. Well, this virus makes me droopy, fevery, snotty, pukey, and did I mention snotty? I accidentally made bubbles come out of my nose earlier.

Daddy isn't much better. He has what I have, but all of it is bigger, 'cause he's a big guy.

Mommy had taken a break from eating anything, because I heard her say, "Good God, I haven't thrown up this much since I was pregnant!" I think that was my fault. Sorry about that. But she's all sore, and has a headache. She said she got the flu shot, so she doesn't know why she feels so icky.

Oh, I have to take a break from writing.... I'm coughing up a lot of icky stuff. Yuck!

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