Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of my favorite ways to occupy my time...

... is to try on shoes. I love Mommy's shoes! They are a little big on me, and sometimes I get them on the wrong feet, but I get bored with my sneakers. I've pulled out most of her shoes and given them a whirl. These boots are my favorite!

I go into her closet and pull out as many as I can. She gets a little peeved when she trips over them. She's lucky to have so many shoes, in my opinion. But really, let's be honest, I love being barefoot more than anything!


  1. Oh my gosh she is sooo cute!! Of course she loves your shoes, she's getting a head start on her fashion diva phase!

    I owe you an apology... you commented on my poetry blog MONTHS ago, but since I didn't have comment moderation on and haven't posted there since before that, I didn't even know until this morning!! So I am sincerely sorry for taking so long to get back to you- I swear I am not usually this bloggy-rude! lol

  2. Wow - you say exactly what I would say! I love clomping around in Mommy's shoes, too! But I'd just as soon not wear shoes at all... Mommy always has to watch out that I don't leave my shoes behind when I'm in the shopping cart, etc.

    By the way, nice to meet you, Sadiebug!


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