Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you love cupcakes? I do.

I know a lot of people who read this blog like to make cupcakes. But this takes it to a new level. This lady makes pictures out of cupcakes! And she even had an exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

If you want to know how she did it, there's a video here. Fun Fact: It took 5,600 cupcakes to create this image of Presidents Obama and Lincoln.

If I could have a cupcake piece of art, it would be of Abby Cadabby. Then I could celebrate my 2nd birthday with lots and lots of friends with whole lotta' cupcakes! Yum!


  1. In-flippin-credible!
    I'm so glad you were nice enough to stop by my post and give this a mention. It is TOO cool!

  2. You know, it is really interesting, but who would waste all of those cupcakes this way??? LOL! I'd rather stuff my face with them. I'm pretty sure they'll be stale by the time they eat them. LOL! Just kidding. It is really awesome and I can't imagine how many different shades of flesh colors they had to make for that!

  3. They weren't wasted! Cupcakes should NEVER be wasted. *shock* The visitors and museum staff gobbled them up 5 minutes after they got the okay. 5 hours to set up, minutes to get frosting on their noses!

  4. Wow, that is amazing!! Thanks for sharing it. I love the Smithsonians! We lived in DC for awhile and every time someone would come to visit we would ultimately go to a few of them. I love,love,love museums.

  5. You should see if they can make an Abby Caddaby out of cupcakes for your next birthday! I had a pirate cake for my little boy a few years ago and it was made out of cupcakes - much easier to clean up than a regular cake (which I'm sure your mom will like)


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