Thursday, March 19, 2009

For the record....

This drinking out of a cup thing is WAY harder than I thought. I like my bottle. I put it in my mouth, I suck on it, milk comes out. I like straws. I put it in my mouth, I suck on it, water comes out. I get a cup. Chaos ensues.

You know, I'm learning about gravity. It started when I would try to jump off the couch and I would land with a thud. Apparently, this gravity thing is what makes me come crashing down. I've also learned that if I turn my cup upside down, whatever is inside of it comes splattering down on the floor as well. This is particularly interesting with juice. I'm not a fan of juice, so instead of drinking it, I turn my cup over and SHAZAM! Instant mess. I find this amusing. Apparently, Mommy and Daddy do not.

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