Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have a crush on someone... but don't tell anyone.

His name is Brooks, and we've hung out a couple of times. He's really nice, but here's the problem... he lives in Bolivia. Yeah, go get your atlas out and look it up. Bolivia!!!

But when he's in Washington, DC, Daddy and I visit Mommy and we all hang out with Brooks' mommy. We play on the National Mall, and go in the museums. We went to the National Museum of American History and looked at a lot of old stuff. But I probably won't see him again until July! What a bummer.
I wasn't sure if Brooks really liked me, or if he wanted to keep playing on the Mall with me... but then his Mommy told my Mommy who told my Daddy who told me that Brooks was actually a little torn up about it after we said goodbye and he went back to the Metro.

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