Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Secret Toddler Handshake

I have a tight circle, and to be part of that circle... you need to know the handshake. It started when Mommy would say good-bye to me each morning to go on the train to go to work. It is formally called the "Kiss Huggy".

Kiss, Hug, then we added a high five. Then I added a fist-bump. Then to keep her there cuz' I missed her, I kept adding stuff. People think she made it up, but really... it was all me. You can see the full handshake with me and Poppy here. (I'm wearing Uncle Eric's hat, and I won't give it back until he can do the handshake.)

Here's the basics:
Kiss, Hug, High-Five, Fist-Bump, Pinky Swear, Pointer, Hang Loose, BEAR CLAW! (We added bear claw after the Winter Olympics - I felt inspired.)

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