Saturday, April 24, 2010

Everyone says I look like my mom....

Everywhere I go, everyone who knew my mom when she was my age says, "Wow! She looks exactly like you!" I like to think I'm unique in my own way. Then I see photos like these, and I think... "There's a lot of Daddy in me too." I have his feet, and when I was really little and I was still bald we looked a lot alike. But this photo makes it clear that this is MY daddy.

Plus, I get really silly with Daddy. Mommy can be so serious sometimes. DON'T take all of the sliced cheese out of the refrigerator. DON'T jump on the bed. DON'T leave cheese in her bed. All of these things I'm NOT supposed to do. But Daddy lets me get really silly - as long as I hold his hand in the parking lot. He gets kooky about things like that sometimes.
I'm lucky that I have such a silly Daddy. He thinks Mommy is my favorite, but I'm going to keep him guessing....

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