Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yoga with Sadie

I've been giving yoga a chance, but it's hard. I like lacrosse, and basketball, and games where I run around. So, being quiet for a moment is actually kinda hard. When I'm in crowds, I'm more Zen-like. But at home, it's all about getting bonkers! Especially if I have a bowl of Trix.

(Note from Sadie's Mom: Say no to Trix. After checking the amount of sugar, we changed to Cheerios immediately. It's amazing her head didn't pop off. Here's a photographic example of the results.)

Here is my interpretation of this "yoga" stuff. And is it Namaste or Llama-stay? I like llamas- they are like camels, but not really. I also think all yoga should be done in big poofy skirts - they allow for lots of movement.

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