Friday, May 11, 2007

Me and My Nainie!!!

Hi! It's me, Sadie. That's a picture of me and my Nainie. Don't know what a nainie is? I didn't either. It's what the Welsh call a grandmother. I have a Grandma, a Grampa, a Nainie, a Poppy AND a Nana. I'm a lucky kid. But everyone calls them something else. Two of them pay attention when you say "Bill", one looks up when you say "Nadine", one likes everyone to call her "Debbie" and the other likes "Sue". I find this all very confusing.

We went to the Baltimore Aquarium while Grampa and Nainie were here. The fish were pretty, but I was tired. I slept through most of it. But we had fun.

I'm hungry. Oops! And I think Mom needs to change me. I'm supposed to call her "Mom", but I like to call her "Pretty Lady." That Dad guy is "Fuzzy Face."

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