Sunday, May 13, 2007


It's me, Sadie again. Mom and Dad are really tired. While they are napping I thought I would play on the computer. I have games that I play with them all of the time.

Here are my favorites:

1. The Kicking Game: When they try to change my diaper, I try to kick their hands away. I do really well at this. I have strong legs.

2. The Did She or Didn't She Game: This one is really funny. I fart. They check to see if I need to be changed, and when they take off the diaper, I pee all over them, my clothes and my diaper pad cover. Then they do laundry. I laugh.

3. The Superman / Supergirl Game: They always put a bib on me. I don't know why. So, I grab the bib, and turn it around so it looks like a superhero cape. Then I dribble my lunch down my front and on my onesie. The onesie soaks it up really fast. I usually smell a little funky after that one.

4. The Other Kicking Game: Dad holds me on his chest while he's laying down. We relax. When he's not expecting it, I kick him in his secret spot. Then he hands me to Mom.
5. The What Is She Going to Do Next Game: Mom and Dad get paranoid. I wait. This makes them nutty. It's funny to watch.

Oh, and to my Mom, Grandma, Nana and Nainie... Happy Mother's Day!

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