Friday, May 25, 2007

Mom took me to work today!!!

And I met lots of people. There was this one pretty girl named Melinda Jane... she has black hair and smells nice. She held me and fed me for awhile. Mom (aka Pretty Lady) had to look at books. I don't know why. We have lots of books at home. But it seems like she really likes having books around. I was hungry all day. I should sleep really well tonight since it was such a busy day. I hope that doesn't freak my mom out. My tummy is bigger now so I can sleep longer. Mom should sleep. She looks tired. Dad (aka Fuzzy Face) looks really tired too. I think he's sick. He took something called Nyquil and told Pretty Lady that he was going to bed.
Oh, yeah... it's me, Sadie. I forgot to tell you that. Silly me. Hi!

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