Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I know I haven't done a photo essay lately...

Mommy and I would like to tell that we don't like the changes they've made to their website. So, if it looks like these photos are a little different in size, that's why.

This essay is about my day with Mommy a few weeks ago. Daddy LOVES lacrosse, and wanted to go to the quarterfinals in Annapolis. I got to spend the whole day with Mommy. We don't usually have much alone time together because she has to work and I'm working on my realtor license at Long and Foster. (I have a great time hanging out with the other realtors in Eldersburg. We share marketing tips. I think they should start their own blogs.)

Anyway, the Momster is usually in a good mood unless I'm a little cranky and tired. Then she gets cranky and tired and becomes an EVIL MOMSTER. And no one likes seeing that.
But we had a fun day together.

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