Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Look... I'm a busy kid...

I know I haven't updated my blog as much as I usually do. Toddling is hard work. This is me and my new pink cell phone. I wanted to be like Daddy and answer his phone. Whenever it rang, I always wondered if it was Poppy or Nana or Grandma or Nainie or Grandpa or Uncle Eric or Uncle Bryce (who is DEFINITELY my favorite, but don't tell anybody.)
Then I noticed Mommy used a cell phone too. Whenever she answered hers, I would always try to grab it and yell into it (sorry Uncle Eric... I didn't realize my voice was so powerful.) So finally Mommy got me my own phone. It has buttons and music and she even records her voice on it. I like it when she records, "Welcome to Camp Sadie!" 'cause this is what I like wearing when I play Camp Sadie-- I color and sing and play in the dirt, and I eat applesauce.
Did I say Uncle Bryce was my favorite? I meant Poppy... tomorrow is a Happy Poppy Day again!

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