Thursday, September 11, 2008

Six words to decribe parenting adventures....

Hi y'all! I'm always talking about my experiences in toddling, but I sometimes should see it from Mommy and Daddy's point of view. It's hard being a little kid, but I think sometimes the parentals get a little tired too. When Mommy needs a break, she checks out Thingamababy, which is blog written by a work from home daddy. Well, he had a contest to see who could write the best short story about parenting. Actually... it's really short. Only six words. She was proud of herself 'cause out of 1000 entries.... she came in 4th! Here's her 4th place story:

Nine months was the easy part.

Check out the other entries and the winner . I also LOVE comments, but I don't get that many... What's your 6 words parenting story? OR if you aren't a parent, what is your "Thank God, I'm NOT a parent" story?
One of Mommy's other entries was Little Girls Turn Tough Men Gooey. I agree with that one.
This blog was brought to you by the letter B and number 6 (of course!)

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