Monday, September 15, 2008

I ponder these things very seriously....

This is my first experience with the election process. I find it all very confusing. I hear a lot of people talking about silly things, like lipstick on pigs and a whole lot about someone being from Alaska, but I'm not hearing a lot about healthcare for little kids like me. And there's nuthin' on affordable childcare or how to lower the cost of things I use a lot... like milk, diapers and most importantly TOYS. I dunno, I feel like the establishment isn't really talking to me. I know now that I'm not old enough to vote (which is so NOT cool.) My t-shirt in the photo is from my Uncle Bryce... it says, "I Support My Parent's Political Beliefs". I know what my mommy thinks. She can't shut up about it. I wonder who Santa is voting for.... oh... wait... now I know.

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