Friday, January 9, 2009

The best thing about Fridays is....

I get to go to Grandma's!!! Every Friday, Daddy drops me off at Grandma's and we have fun together. She reads to me. She tries to teach me how to be a lady (No picking my nose, No tantrums). We also like to sing together. I still love my ABC's and I do sing them. Up to about about K, then I jump to Q, W, and "Now I know ABC's". It's a work in progress. That song has a lot of lyrics.

By the way, I usually do not encounter wolves on the way to Grandma's and I don't think there are any hiding in her condo. Okay, now I'm off to Grandma's....


  1. What a sweet kiddo! And an extra-sweet snap! Is that sweatshirt a Grandma Creation?

  2. Cute. =)

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