Monday, March 23, 2009

I like soup.

I like playing Shopping Cart all the time, but I particularly like taking the Campbell's Tomato Soup can off of the shelf. It's my favorite. I don't know why... it just has a certain look to it. But then a little while ago, when I was bored and looking stuff up on the computer, I tried to find some info on the Campbell's Tomato Soup Can. So I googled: Campbell's + Tomato + Soup + Can.

I'm really good at web searches for my age.

Okay, I didn't exactly use Google... in case you were worried 'cause I'm just a little kid. I used instead. It's more my style anyway.

Turns out... some guy named Andy Warhol liked soup cans too. I'm not the only one who likes these kinds of cans. He did this back in 1968:


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