Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Mr. Phelps,

I knew our paths would cross someday!!! I know you were really, really busy, but it was awesome that you showed up at your mom's booksigning in Ellicott City for her book A Mother For All Seasons. I'll have to admit, I got a little excited. Okay, I was a bit kooky. I was the 2 year old yelling in the background when your mom was talking about what it was like to write her book. Then you came out and everyone was really surprised. There was a collective *GASP* from the crowd. But I guess you are used to that.

But then we had to wait in line to meet your mom and your sister, Hilary. Do you know what it is like for a two year old to wait in line? It's hard. And boring. And I didn't have any toys to play with, so I played with Mommy's cell phone.

We finally got to the front of the line and your Mommy wrote "To The Joynes Family, Love the Phelps Family". Your sister Hilary really liked my name. I got a little shy at that point. I mean, I like her name too. It's pretty.

Mr. Phelps... it was nice that you stopped by the bookstore. I think your Mommy really appreciated it. And by the way, your Mommy is really nice. I like her. And I hope she had a great Mother's Day.

Love, Sadie Angelica

P.S. When can we start swimming lessons? I'm planning on having a kiddie pool in my backyard this summer.

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