Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My thoughts on the Easter Bunny:

I had never met the Easter Bunny before this year. We have lots of bunnies in our backyard and I always wave to them each morning and say "Hi!!!" They are brown and I've noticed they've multiplied from one bunny to three bunnies. I don't know how they did that, but when I asked Mommy about it, she said, "It's magic."
So, anyway, we went out for brunch on Easter Sunday. And there I was, eating my eggs and fruit when this GIGANTIC bunny comes up behind me and tries to give me candy. I mean, not like a cute little bunny from my backyard. It was HUMUNGOUS!!!
So, I thought about it while sipping my "Bunny Juice" and wondered if anyone else saw this ridiculously huge bunny and if he tried to give THEM candy. But everyone kept acting like everything was normal.
Now I'm wondering if I made up the whole thing in my imagination. It was weird. I mean, if the Easter Bunny left me a basket and hid those eggs, why would he show up to brunch? And why would he give me MORE candy when I'm eating eggs for breakfast? And how did the Easter Bunny become so big in the first place? And where did he get that yellow bowtie he was wearing? Is there a shop for ridiculously humungous bunnies? This just goes along with all of that confusion I had about Easter from last year. Easter is a weird holiday. Christmas, I understand. A mommy, a daddy, a baby, and a lot of presents brought by a big fat man with a white beard. But this Easter thing is hard to wrap my head around.

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