Monday, November 23, 2009

Leonardo DaVinci vs. Jackson Pollock

Daddy had a "Parent / Teacher Conference" with Miss Amy today. It was their first one. I guess that it is the formal term for Daddy and Amy talkin' about me behind my back. Miss Amy said that I was doing great and sitting longer in "Circle Time" - my feet want to dance sometimes. I communicate well with my peers (Lucie and Jacob are really nice.) But she also said that I don't like to get dirty during fingerpaint time.

She's right. I don't.

Daddy said that was okay. I am more of a Leonardo DaVinci painter than a Jackson Pollock painter. I prefer working with brushes rather than fingers. Here's one of my first experimentations. I call this "Rose Petals". It is currently hanging in my Mommy's cube in the Smithsonian. That's right... the Smithsonian. I aim high.

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