Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life is Goo.

This is a picture of me and my Grandma at the Christmas Bazaar back around Thanksgiving. That was when I saw Santa again, but... I got a little shy. I didn't freak out as bad as last year, but I still didn't want to sit on his lap either.

Anyway, we were at the church and I was enjoying a refreshing taste of water when Mommy took this picture. Around Christmas, Mommy explained that Grandma was sick. By New Year's she said that we weren't going to be going to Grandma's condo anymore. She's not living there. Apparently, she has moved to heaven. Mom said that her place in heaven is awesome and she gets to listen to music, play games with her friends, and dance. They have parties, and eat fudge, and sometimes they have cotton candy too.

But, we can't go there.

I'm really bummed I can't see her. Since I can't see her, I've been trying to hang out with Mommy more. She seems a little down, so when it is time for bed, I crawl in with her and I snuggle up close.

I was looking at this picture and thought, "Life is Goo". But then I thought... that can't be right. Only a few things in life are actually gooey. That's messy and I don't like messy. Except fudge is gooey... so I'll make an exception for that.

I think it's supposed to say, "Life is Good." I can agree to that. Goo.... not so much.

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