Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dixie Cup Performance Art

I was bored last night, but I noticed Mom had bought those awesome Dixie Cups with Sesame Street characters on them. They were up on the counter, so I got my little chair, moved it to the kitchen counter and helped myself to the cups. Then I thought, "What could I DO with all of these cups?"

I knew I couldn't drink water out of ALL of them. And I didn't want to waste them. That would be bad for Mr. Earth. So...... I decided to do a temporary performance art piece. I call it, "Sesame Street Dixie Cup." Mommy was a little confused when I started, but she got it by the end.

This was the final result... (Don't you love my outfit? I don't see a need for pants when you are inside. I do like wearing boots though.) It's been taken down as a "temporary performance". So if you missed it last night, you are out of luck. All things are temporary. Plus, Daddy said I had to go to bed.

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  1. Great artists are rarely appreciated in their own time. And my feet are always cold, but my legs are rarely cold, so I think I should adopt Sadie's bold attire choice as well. Neighbors might disagree.


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