Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've got my own posse.

My homies from preschool are pretty awesome. Lucie, Chijim, Jake, Ben and me are all quite the little crowd. We have secret handshakes and everything. And when we get together, there ain't no party like a Mid-Atlantic party.


Mommy says that I'm just in my Gangsta Phase. Other people call it the Terrible 2's or the Terrible 3's.

Whatever. When I say something is mine, it's mine. Period. Got it? Good. Now go gimme some juice... the pomegranate kind.

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  1. Oh, that's one adorable gangsta. Got to say, mine keeps relapsing into gangstadom even as she approaches 5. I hope she shakes it pretty soon because I'd like to have some good years before she hits 12 and I turn into the enemy.


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