Saturday, January 3, 2009

We are saying good-bye to Great-Grandad today...

Mommy explained to me that there's this place called Heaven. It's a nice place, and that's where I came from before I came into the world. But Mommy also said there's a place we go after we live our life, and that's where Great-Grandad went on Monday while we were all sleeping. Someday, we all go back to that place where I came from and where Grandad is now. I was really lucky to meet Grandad here on Earth, because most people don't even meet their Great-Grandad like I did. This is me and Grandad meeting. He was nice. I was 2 months old.

We had a great time last Father's Day. That's me and my daddy, and Poppy, and Grandad. Mommy told me that I was incorrect in thinking that Grandad knew Abraham Lincoln. But he DID meet Franklin Delano Roosevelt (I heard he was a really important person too.) They met when Grandad was a teenager. Grandad went to heaven at the age of 92. I'm not even 2 yet!

I'd like to think that I could come up with something deep and profound. But since I'm not even two years old yet, I tend to turn to the Muppets during times like these. This clip helps me think about this kind of stuff. Grandad loved writing, and he always had ideas about what to write about. I know he would find it funny that I would post something from the Muppets. He interviewed Jim Henson a long, long time ago when he was a reporter in Baltimore.

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